• Why are working mothers always guilty?

    Dear Working Mom……

    Being a working mom is not easy, not because I’m juggling all the time to give my best at work yet not compromising on my child’s upbringing, I often wonder if my guilt is thanks to my perfectionist nature or is it a universal burden all working women of my generation carry…So I summed up my thoughts

    We’ve been bought up by perfect homemakers who were always around to meet each and every need & demand ..... so even after having a successful career, being independent and decently raising kids we tend to revisit our childhood and compare ourselves with our moms.

    We women have the option of quitting our job, while a man doesn't. Even today the societal pressure of broad earning is higher on the man of the house and that of raising children is higher on the lady…so do we keep our option of quitting always open. And in a bollywood obsessed country , best examples to prove the point doesn't need too much surfing.

    A working woman is made to feel even more guilty by women is her own social circle… could be her friends, mother, mother in law, sister, sister in law or neighbour. 

    A woman can touch the skies if she has guilt free support from the woman around her, other than of course her inner circle of closest family i.e. husband & children.

    What Say ???